CrossFit offers daily competition to push your workouts to new heights, where every day will test your determination as well as your muscles.

NEPA CrossFit creates competitive athletes, not just in CrossFit but in all sports.  From Strongman, to power lifting, to Olympic lifting, as well as traditional sports, NEPA CrossFit can give you the edge in your training.  At NEPA CrossFit we are always pushing further, driving harder because we use our culture of competition to get the best from our athletes.

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It is this combination of demanding workouts in a group setting with quality coaching that makes NEPA CrossFit my favorite part of the day. I literally plan on being a member of NEPA CrossFit for life and I’m constantly recommending this program to people I know.
I enjoy the box because, although I am a 41 year old mother of two, I feel better than I did as a college athlete. I love the box because it truly is a family. Everyone is made to feel welcome. Everyone is made to be an elite athlete.
The CrossFit workouts are like nothing I’ve ever done in a gym before. They are challenging. They change daily. You can guarantee you’ll never lack the motivation to push your limits at a NEPA CrossFit workout. Even better, you’ll actually look forward to going to them