NEPA CrossFit uses small, intimate classes taught by highly trained professionals to get you all of the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost. Each workout is scaled for each individual client to best meets your needs. We also offer two different types of workouts during every scheduled class, each with their own trainer.


Heavy weight moved long distances very quickly, our CrossFit Sport classes are designed for those looking to take their fitness to the next level, whether to compete in the sport of CrossFit or just to challenge yourself. We recommend spending a month or two in the Fitness classes for those who are new to CrossFit.


This is where it all starts.  We start each Fitness class teaching and reinforcing the elemental movement patterns that serve as the basis for any good functional workout.  Fast, light, and easy-to-learn our Fitness classes are designed for those who are looking for a great sweat without the heavy lifting or technical gymnastics moves. Based on body-weight, kettlebells, and medicine balls, our Fitness classes are perfect for those just starting or who are looking to get toned and lose weight without all the endless hours of traditional cardio.