Monday Nov 28th:  S: 3 RTF INTO 3 RFT- 1.) run 200m/15 OHS (95/65)/15 BBJO INTO 2.) Run 200m/10 Thrusters/10 BFB

F: AMRAP 22 min- 8 Burpee/10 pullups/12 kb Deadlift/14 kb walking lunges/16 situps   scale- cut in half and squats instead of lunges

Tuesday: Lift: 3 p snatch or hang snatch + 1 ohs or 3 p clean or hc + 1 front squat- build for 15 min then 10 min emom@ moderate

Burner: 8 min Amrap: 20 sec hollow hold or 20 hollow rocks/20 Bicycle crunches/20 bird dogs/20 sec superman hold

Wednesday: 30s:30s x 24: 1. Heavy-medium p cleans 2. box jumps or stepups (24/20) 3. DU/Single/Heavy rope 4. Rest

Scale- medium-light hang power cleans

Thursday: 3 rope climb/ 21 FS (135/95)-REST 1 min- 3 rope climb/ 18 FS –rest- 3 rope climb/ 15 fs – rest- 3 rope climb/ 12 Fs -rest- 3 rope climb/9 fs

Scale- 9 pullups or ring rows, squats are jumping med ball squats or med-ball squats

Friday: 10-15-20-15-10 Ttb/Hang power clean (135/95)/bar facing burpee    Scale- 20-15-10-5- hanging leg raises or ttr, hpc or kb, burpee in place

Saturday- 8am class ONLY!  NO open gym 9am-9pm CORNHOLE

Monday, Dec 5th  S: 5 RFT: 400m Run/50 AMSU/15 DL (225/155)

F: 20 min- 80/60/45 cal row (5 min cap) then in remaining time AMRRAP- 10 WB (light), 50 jump rope     10 min of core cashout

Tuesday: 30/24 cal bike/36 thruster (75/60)- REST 2 – 30/24/ 30 thruster –REST- 30/24/24 thrusters –REST- 30/24 bike/18 thruster     Scale- 4x 2 min bike/row, 20 thrusters (light), rest 2 min


S: 20 mins: 5 Bar MU/10 burpee to target/15 air squat    Scale- Cindy or 3/6/9 Cindy

Thursday: Lift: Clean and Jerk Work- 20 min- then EMOM 8 min- 2 cleans + 2 jerks/press at medium weight

Burner: 500m/300m row, then 100/50 situps for time

Friday: PP- 6x thru 1m:20s  A) row  B) pushups or shoulder taps C) bike  D) jump rope E) full rest


Monday, Dec 12th– S: 2Rnd- 6 Wall Walk/18 Ttb -REST 2 Min- 2Rnd-12 cal ski/row/6 Wall Walk -REST 2- 2 Rnd- 18 Ttb/12 cal ski/row- REST 2- 2Rnd- 6 wall walk/18 Ttb/12 cal ski/row

F: AMRAP 30: 10 KB Deadlifts (70/53)’s/10 AMSU/15 Push Up/ 30 Double Under/ 400m Run


Lift: Back Squat- 2 rep, if froggy, 1 rep it!

Burner: 30s Ski-erg, rest 30s x 3- score is average

Wednesday: 5 RFT: 400m run/12 pullups/15 kb swings@70/53   Scale- 2min cardio, 12 pullups/ring rows, 15 medium swings

Thursday:  10 down to 1- deadlift/hang power clean/push press (155/105), 30 DU after each set- Should be able to push press the weight you choose at least 10 times unbroken, otherwise, it’s gonna be too heavy

Scale- 7 down to 1 dl/hpc/press, 30 singles

Friday: Partner Wod (if alone, rest 30s-1m after each barbell set): 36 mins-

IGOUGO- 200m rd- 6 PC (135/95)/6 front squat/6 burpee over bar   Each rd, increase wt by 10-20 lbs

Scale- 1 min cardio, 6 hpc@medium-light, 6 fs or air squats, 6 burpees.

Monday, Dec 19th S: 27-21-15-12-9: Cal Row/ DB Hang power clean/DB box step over (24/20)/Situps

F: 15m-rest 3-7mins- 7 wallballs, 7 pullups, 14 situps

Tuesday:Lift: 3 RM Deadlift for 30 mins

Burner: “Tiger Blood”- 3 RFT- 10 Clean and jerk (135/95)/ 400m run (SHOULD be able to touch and go weight if needed)                           Scale- 5 rds for time of 5 c&j medium, 200m run or 1 min cardio


For Time: 75-60-45-30-15 DU/500-400-300-200-100M/30 lunges after each row    Scale- singles, 300/250/200/100/50, 20 or 12 lunges after each row

Thursday: 3rds- 2rds- 400m run, 15 swings 70/53, 15 pullups, rest 3 mins,

Scale- 6 rds- 200m run, 15 swings, 15 pullups/ring rows, rest 2 mins

Friday: 18-rest 4-12  min- 10 box jumps, 10 hspu, 10 ttb, 30/20 bike or row